dreamy_falls (dreamy_falls) wrote in breast_n_bottle,


My baby is two months and a week old.  For those of you who have had to wean from breast to bottle: what technique did you use?

I don't think it will work for me *dropping* a feed at a time because - do to various problems, my baby won't take a full feed from the breast anyway and now my supply is down.

At the moment I'm feeding for seven minutes, (if possible) on each breast and supplementing with about 60ml of formula.  or expressed milk  if I can get some out!  I've tried to just give a full bottle of formula but he generally stops at 60mls-ish and won't take anymore --->has anyone else had this problem?

So, the plan is to gradually reduce the time on the breast, (by a minute every few days) and increase the amount in the bottle.  But I'm worried he just won't take anymore than the amount he usually does because so far he just won't take more than that.  

Any suggestions?

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