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Feeding a Baby Isn't Child's Play

Feeding your Baby, however you choose
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This is a community for anyone who has charge of feeding a baby or toddler.

Yes, it really is that simple.

Well, almost.

Let me explain. There are many communities to support exclusive breastfeeding, but few that support various combinations of breastmilk and formula. If you mention supplementation on one of these communities, you will often get a comment like: “We don’t suggest supplementing in this community.” You may get a lecture about how wrong your practitioner was to suggest supplementing, or how a bottle will invariably ruin your “nursing relationship.” Some of the people in these communities call themselves “boob Nazis” with various levels of seriousness.

It would be very easy for someone who needed to supplement to look at these communities and believe that there was nothing there for them. Some people simply censor what they write, leading the community to believe they are breastfeeding more than they actually are. Some don’t even bother to check out the communities, in spite of the wealth of knowledge and experience there. The reason: they are made to feel like they didn’t try hard enough, or should be trying harder, or shouldn’t have believed the bad information they got, or otherwise should feel guilty for how they feed their baby.

So how is this community different? In a word: no guilt. We believe that breast is best. In an ideal world, no one would ever have a c-section, thereby delaying their milk production. No one would ever retain tissue. No baby would be jaundiced. No pregnant woman would ever need a medication that would make breastfeeding a problem. No woman would ever lack supply so completely that no medication could bring it up. And so on, and so forth. You have reasons for the choices you’re making. If you want support for breastfeeding, we have knowledgeable and experienced people who can give you that support, while recognizing that, until and unless your supply comes up, you may need to supplement. If you truly cannot breastfeed, we’ll support your decisions to pump or give formula, in whatever combination works for you.

This community is built on the idea that any breastmilk is better than none at all. If you want to share feeding duties with the other parent occasionally; if you can’t get your supply up; if you need to go back to work, and either can’t pump at your work or would be too stressed out to do it effectively; if you’re on medications that are necessary yet contraindicated for lactating women; whatever the reason is, we trust you to be making the best choice you can for your child. We want to hear your stories, get your expertise, and support each other to create healthy families.

Parenting is hard enough, without making each other feel rotten over the choices we make or get stuck with for our kids.