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My baby is two months and a week old.  For those of you who have had to wean from breast to bottle: what technique did you use?

I don't think it will work for me *dropping* a feed at a time because - do to various problems, my baby won't take a full feed from the breast anyway and now my supply is down.

At the moment I'm feeding for seven minutes, (if possible) on each breast and supplementing with about 60ml of formula.  or expressed milk  if I can get some out!  I've tried to just give a full bottle of formula but he generally stops at 60mls-ish and won't take anymore --->has anyone else had this problem?

So, the plan is to gradually reduce the time on the breast, (by a minute every few days) and increase the amount in the bottle.  But I'm worried he just won't take anymore than the amount he usually does because so far he just won't take more than that.  

Any suggestions?

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60ml is possibly all his stomach will hold at two months. Baby stomachs don't come with metric measurements on the side, after all. :) For now, go with the flow and feed more frequently. Babies know how much their stomachs will hold, and if you convince him to take more than that, you may find it comes right back up again. He's due for a growth spurt around twelve weeks, so he should start taking more.

Have you tried things to get your milk supply up, or is supply not the problem?

Your technique for slow weaning sounds to me like it should work, but I don't have any experience with that - I was going the other direction, from bottle to breast.
hi there. well 60ml is definitely not all he can stomach, on rare occassions he has stretched to a lot more. Also, (not that I follow the formula manufactures info to a T) but on the box of formula it says he should be taking approx 180mls per feed according to his age/weight and in additon to that he lost loads of weight because of BF problems and now isn't gaining enough weight either. At the moment I'm trying to feed more frequently, problem is he takes a really long time to feed...sometimes it takes 20 minutes just to get him to drink 30mls and it's a real struggle.

Supply isn't the problem, rather the result of the problem. But there have been many problems breast feeding. At the moment I'm still doing the slow weaning, but it isn't all that accurate because he often just refuses the breast now - will pull away/cry etc after a couple of minutes. I think this may be partly because my supply is down and it's frustrating for him but there are worse problems when the supply goes up so, I'm not going to attempt it again.

*sigh*....I hope it gets better.
If he's refusing due to lowered supply, your best bet may be to just stop nursing him and switch to formula. Your supply is probably low enough now that you won't have too many issues with engorgement.

That 180 ml is for a baby of normal size and weight for his age; if your baby hasn't gained as much as he should have, it may not be accurate for him. All the same, I understand why you're worried. Aim to get him taking 60 - 80 ml every hour and a half all day, and every three hours overnight.

Having a newborn is hard enough without having one who isn't thriving. Don't forget to make use of your support system to give yourself a break every day or two. One of the advantages of bottle feeding is that other people can do it. Take a break, take a nap, go for a walk, but get some time for yourself. You'll be better able to take care of him if you do.


November 22 2006, 16:29:56 UTC 10 years ago

yes, I might think about just stopping because he usually doesn't do the seven minutes on each in any case. I just managed to get him to take 110mls but it took a lot of encouragment and about an hour.

Thanks for your help. And yes, getting out for a walk or a break defintely does help. :)
whoops, I didn't sign in....but the last comment was me obviously lol... :)
Keep us updated! I'd like to know how it goes.