My Immortal (bibliophile26) wrote in breast_n_bottle,
My Immortal

Baby not drinking much during the day

I recently returned to work (I was out 2 months because I'm a school librarian) and my almost 8 month old daughter has seemed to reject the bottle. Not full out rejection, but she is only drinking 6-8 oz. during the 10 hrs. I'm away from her. She is having 2 solid meals while I'm gone (we were doing breakfast and dinner, but I'd rather maximize the breastfeeding while I'm home so I switched it to breakfast lunch). She is nursing a minimum of 4 times while I'm at home and sometimes more (2-3 times in the late afternoon/evening, 1-2 times during the night and 1 time right before I leave for work). Before the addition of solids, she'd drink 16-20 oz. (some of which was formula because I usually only pump about 6 oz. during the day because I only lactate on one side and my response to the pump is not as good as my response to the baby); however, because she is so much older/bigger, I'd think she'd be drinking at least that much. The really good thing is that she is drinking almost all breastmilk because she is drinking so little while I'm away. Any thoughts on this?

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