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Max: almost three years...

Great idea, Velvetpage!  It's fun to see photos of everyone's "babies."  I was very proud of my experience breastfeeding Max-- we had a terribly rough start thanks to some physical obstacles with both Me and Max (he had an unusually small mouth and I had very large but inverted nipples) and the fact I'd had a c-section.  I supplemented with formula for a long time but eventually after long hard work with pumps, nipple shields and fenugreek pills, I was able to get Max to exclusively breastfeed and we continued for almost 14 months (tapering towards the end to just morning and night since I was working again).  As you can tell from the photo on the right, I'm going to be going through this again, since Max will be a big brother in mid-March, so I am sure I will be coming back to this community for more support and advice.  Unlike several of the other babies here, Max never has made huge physical gains and even at almost 3 he's still at less than the 10th percentile, but he's generally healthy and we don't let the doctors worry us too much.

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