Stress Kitten (stress_kitten) wrote in breast_n_bottle,
Stress Kitten

Bleeding nipples.

Any of you ladies ever end up with cracked and bleeding nipples?

If so, did you continue breast-feeding and have them clear up on their own?

In my case, we were having a really hard time with breast feeding and latch and I was pumping hard to try and raise my supply. The excessive pumping did a number on my nipples to begin with, then with the experimentations with latch, it aggravated the situation and just as we were getting the hang of latching, my nipples started to crack and bleed. Alot. While I was in massive amounts of pain. It sucked.

After talking with my midwife, I stopped with the breast feeding and the pumping for a few days to let my nipples heal. I hand-expressed during that time (got 5 oz. overnight at one point, which I was very proud of) and exposed my nipples to air as much as possible. After a very cold, achy and sticky 24 hours, I started pumping again, but gently and with a manual pump not the electric one I had been using. During this time, I was using a special medicated cream (still am). On the second day, the scabs from the cracks came off and my pain levels had backed off considerably. On the third day, I started breast-feeding again... without an increase in pain levels, which was nice. We still have a few latch-related issues right at first, but he figures it out really quickly now... however:

The crack-site from the original issues I had on my left breast has opened up again due to the suction of Rhys nursing. It's not huge, and it doesn't hurt, but a considerable amount of blood is being ingested each sitting. While I know the blood won't hurt him, I'm really creeped out by it, especially the part where I'm seeing blood in the spit-up, and want to know if it will eventually go away on its own? Or should I stop nursing him on that side again for a couple of days and go back to pumping (gently) or hand expressing to allow the nipple to finish the healing?
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